CDOT, along with Colorado Bridge Enterprise and High Performance Transportation Enterprise, have established a transparent project goal setting process conducted in accordance with 49 CFR 26.45, including consultation with representative groups and interested stakeholders, to develop:

  • the proposed DBE participation goals, which are:
    • 11.6% with respect to design work;
    • 12.5% with respect to construction work; and
  • the proposed ESB goals are:
    • 3% with respect to design work and
    • 3% with respect to construction and operation & maintenance work (combined)

The I-70 Mile High Partners team is dedicated to supporting and improving the local greater Denver economy by employing local resources for design and construction. Providing meaningful participation from local firms, including DBE firms, is fundamental to our success and the success of our projects. Our team has a reputation of achieving and exceeding project goals. We will provide effective and innovative outreach, bonding / insurance assistance, mentoring and on-the-job training program opportunities for this project.

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